The hardest thing about losing a child...

For me, the hardest part of losing Mason is the silence. I know people don’t mention him because they don’t want to add to my pain, but for me, it is even more painful to pretend like my child never existed, to erase him from the world in order to avoid the brush of sadness his death left behind. I want to share him with others, I want people to know his beautiful face, I want the world to acknowledge how huge his loss truly was. He was the center of my universe, the other half of my soul… not talking about him is like ignoring the most important parts of myself. Remember that the next time you are with someone who has lost an important person. They don’t want to hear, “I’m sorry”. They want to share the person they loved with you. They want you to take one moment to remember that person, to keep them alive through memories.

Love to all,

I love you, Mason Allen Medlam