Autism means we have to change the world to protect our children and keep them alive. NO MORE DYING CHILDREN!


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In the last week, we have lost three beautiful children to autism and wandering. Two-year-old Drew Howell wandered from his families cottage and drowned in a nearby river. He was found immediately, but it was too late to save him. Eight-year-old Owen Black wandered from his mother’s holiday condo and was found two days later, drowned in a nearby body of water. Nine-year-old Mikaela Lynch wandered from her families vacation home and drowned in a nearby creek. Unfortunately these children are not the first to lose their lives in this manner, nor will they be the last.

I became acquainted with the horrors of autism and wandering nearly three years ago when my five-year -old autistic son, Mason Allen Medlam, wandered from our home, drowned in a neighbor’s pond and died two days later.

When Mason was born, we just didn’t know how he would change our lives. He was…

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