Help this family bring their daughter's remains home...

Help this family pay for their daughter’s funeral expenses so they can bring her home. Resthaven in Wichita, Ks will not release her remains until the expenses are paid, which I find horrific.

This is absolutely horrible. I lost my son, but am comforted every day by being able to lay my hands on his urn and tell him I love him. Every single night I ask God to take care of my darling son until I can hold him again and I tell Mason goodnight. Then I turn the light off in the cabinet his urn is in. Every morning I turn the light on and tell Mason I love him and good morning and tell him to run, run, run through the grass in heaven. I couldn’t imagine not having him here with me. The day they put me in the ground, my son’s ashes will be buried with me and I will finally take that last, long sleep with him. I am going to call Resthaven today and pay some on this poor baby’s funeral expenses. I hope others will too. 316-722-2100 (Resthaven’s phone number)