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photo  by Jen Harlib Acosta
As May begins to shut its door I feel compelled to try my hand at hashing out my attempt to honor the lives of 6 Autistic children who eloped and drowned within a two week span of each other. My desire is to call some attention to the case of Autism and Eloping. In the press releases of the stories of these children it again came to the fore how misunderstood this subject is. Autism and Elopement, not the same as typically developing children, it’s just different. Trust me. I also raised a typically developed child through to adulthood. Their differences are like comparing Rembrandts to Picassos. Both, strikingly beautiful—both lovely to behold—it’s just different.
Mikaela Lynch, a nine year old Autistic child, went missing on Mother’s Day from their vacation home in California. Her body was found in a nearby creek three…

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