The funny side of autism...

It has been a hard few weeks for all of us in the autism community. Six more precious lives lost to wandering and autism. I have spent the last few days really thinking about Mason’s last day on earth and I’ve come to realize that I can’t keep defining him by his tragic death. I have to celebrate what made him the most incredible boy any mother could have asked for.

In order to do that, I’d like to share a funny little story about my son and ask that all of you share a funny moment with me about your child. Let’s celebrate them this week. Let’s take a moment to laugh at the craziness, fun and zest autism has brought to our lives.

Mason was a dry and crunchy kid. If it wasn’t crispy, crunchy or completely dry, he wouldn’t eat it. If you even dared put something mushy on his plate, he’d look at you and literally gag, then get completely suspicious of anything you tried to feed him for days after.

Now, a lot of you autism parents can probably relate to this, but what always just baffled me and left me stumped was that he absolutely loved to play with gross, nasty textures. He would empty a bottle of shampoo in the bathroom and smear it all over everything, take mustard out of the fridge and cover himself in it, eat lotion… lol. You’d think that mustard would feel much more disgusting than mashed potatoes, but it didn’t seem to matter to him. Anything I didn’t want him to touch or eat, he touched or ate. Lipstick, toothpaste, lotion… The better it scattered or smeared, the more he loved it. If you left salt out on the counter, he’d patiently wait for you to forget you left it out, sneak it away and pour it everywhere. I think I still have salty carpets 🙂

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