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A Rock for Mason...

My brother-in-law, Alan Vanskike, started something for me a few months after Mason died. He’s an INS agent and travels often, and when he would go to somewhere new, he would stop, think of Mason for a moment and pick up a rock from where ever he was and bring it back to me to put in Mason’s cabinet near his urn. In a way, he was taking Mason to all those beautiful new places that he never got to go. I’d like to ask all of you that have been touched by Mason to do the same thing. Stop and think of him for a moment, pick up a rock, write your name and where its from and send it to me so it can sit near my son and I can know that he has visited your lives. You can send the rock to me at the following address:

Sheila Medlam
4260 N 183rd St W
Colwich, KS 67030

Mason’s birthday is July 7 and I can’t think of any better  thway to celebrate his life than to show him how far out into the world he has gone and how many lives he has touched.  Thank you all for loving my son.

Thank you so much.