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What wandering has left me...

Every single day, from the first hint of heat in the air until the first time frost touches the grass, I wake up and search the internet for four key pharses: “autistic boy missing”, “autistic girl missing”, “autistic boy drowns”, “autistic girl drowns”. I know it sounds dark and depressing, and on the days when I actually find a new child is missing or already gone, that day is very dark indeed. However, on the days that there is nothing new, no new tragedy to share, those are the days when I think, “Thank you Mason, for keeping your brothers and sisters in autism safe and sound.” Why do I give Mason so much credit? Because his story has raised awareness, shown parents the worst that can happen, and I truly think that he has saved many lives, simply because you can’t look at his beautiful face and not think, “That could have been my son, my daughter…”