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Family with autistic children need help with fence...

Our names are Johnny and Brittany. We made this page to try and raise money to put a fence around our yard to keep our kids from darting off toward our neighbors’ ponds. We have a 4 year old(Madi) and a 19 month old(Alyssa). The reason we need a fence is that whenever we go outside Madi runs toward the pond. She has Autism and loves water but doesn’t comprehend danger or give any reaponse when we call her by name. Usually it’s just Brittany home with the girls while Johnny is either at his dr appointments or helping out with the church so the kids don’t get to go outside very often. Madi and Alyssa love playing outside, but its so hard to handle both of them out at the same time because they both run off in different directions and where we live we really worry about rattlesnakes too because they also like to go into the field and woods every chance they get. Things have been really
hard for us the last 6 months because Johnny has been out of work on short term disability (he only gets 60% of his wages) and because its considered “unearned income” (although he payed the insurance for it for nearly 13 years through his job) they cut Madi’s ssi check from $710 to $75 per month. We’d been trying to save what little we could for a fence, but we’ve had to use the money to pay our electric bill. We’re trying to put together fundraisers in our area to raise money, but we have few supportive family members or close friends who are able to help. If anyone can donate we would really appreciate the help. Thanks — Johnny&Brittany