The Witch's Wand by Sheila R Medlam

The land of Arias has always been filled with peace and prosperity until the day the black sword of Volor shatters the land, bringing with it devastation, poverty, war and famine. Now, after twenty years of hopelessness, the lost daughter of Arias’ King and Queen has returned and with her the chance of freedom. The only problem is, she’s only eleven and has no idea how to save the world.

Nora and her companions seek to find their only hope of salvation, the prophesied Witch’s Wand. But fulfilling a prophecy isn’t easy, especially when the people you have to learn to trust are your enemies and magic doesn’t seem to work the way it should around you.{%22767514079925789%22%3A1527463400813477}&action_type_map={%22767514079925789%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]