Aidan Bower – 2012

Holiday, Florida – The family of Aiden Bower is devastated after losing their little four-year-old little boy.

The child, who suffered from autism, drowned in a neighbor’s pool Sunday night around 9 p.m. in the 4200 block of Sail Drive in Holiday.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Richard Coulett, who lives next door to where the little boy drowned.  Coulett watched and prayed as paramedics and deputies tried to breathe life back into the child.

“They started working on him, and they worked for about 30 minutes. My heart was in my throat,” said Coulett.

Sadly, the child got out of his bedroom somehow after his parents tucked him in around 8pm.  When they went back to check on him around 9pm, Aiden was gone.

The family called 911 immediately and within minutes, deputies arrived to search the area.  They began going house to house looking for the little boy.

After 15 minutes, one deputy made a heartbreaking discovery.

Aiden’s body was found floating in an elderly woman’s pool, a place he had never visited.  Somehow, his parents say, the child was able to open his window and push the screen to the ground.

“The woman was devastated.  She said she had never seen the boy, and he had never swam in her pool,” said Pasco Sheriff’s spokesman Doug Tobin.

Aiden was not the type to wander off, his mother and father told deputies.  But, he did suffer from autism.

“Everyone is devastated in this case,” said Tobin.  “The parents, I’m told, did everything they could.  The one thing they didn’t think of that their child would go through the window.”

The parents say they did everything they could to keep their son safe, including putting latches on doors.

The little boy was airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, but it was too late.

He was pronounced dead just before midnight.

It is widely known that children who suffer from autism are said to be drawn to water.  Psychiatrists say the only problem with that is the children do not understand the dangers and often  can not swim.

Aiden Bower would have turned five years old in July.

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