Aiden Lawson-3


FORT LUPTON – There is little she can say or do to bring her three-year-old son back. But Bonnie Lawson is hoping this story will help others avoid a similar fate.

Lawson and her son Aiden were playing around the house Saturday when Aiden managed to slip out the sliding door into the back yard.

Once he was in the back yard, Lawson said Aiden climbed over the fence and ran toward a pond. No one saw him take off.

Lawson, her husband Alan, and several neighbors searched and searched, but they couldn’t find him.

“There was no sign of him,” she said.

About 45 minutes later, a neighbor saw something floating in the pond. It was Aiden’s body.

“All I could do was run. I wanted my baby,” Lawson said through tears. “They worked really hard on him. They [flew] him down to Children’s Hospital where they continued to work on him.”

Lawson had a chance to see what Aiden looked like when he was brought out of the pond. She knew it was too late.

“I prayed, but I knew” she said. “He had been in that water for 45 minutes. You hear of miraculous things happening, but I knew he wasn’t going to recover.”

All it took was one second for one child to force one mother to ask herself one simple question over and over.

“I keep thinking what if I did one thing different, just one,” Lawson said.

She wants every parent to know how easy it is for their child to slip away. She watched over Aiden every minute of the day. Aiden was autistic and needed a lot of supervision.

“I loved him so much,” she said. “I looked away for one second, one simple second, and he was gone.”

Technically, Lawson is Aiden’s grandmother. She became his guardian when he was born.

“He was my son, and he knew me as ‘mom’,” Lawson said.

Aiden’s funeral is scheduled for later this week.

Lawson is asking for donations to be sent to Children’s Hospital.

“I want them to continue saving lives,” she said.

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