Blake Murrell, 4, was last seen wearing blue pants with a green stripe down the side.Officers believe Murrell wandered away from home and ended up inside this park. The pond is closed in by a fence, but police said the gates are unlocked and a child could easily wander in.Acting on a tip that someone saw Murrell in Memorial Park, which is just across the street from the boy’s home, crews said they searched for hours. But they didn’t find the boy, until, police said, they decided to drain the duck pond.”We made a decision to go ahead and drain that pond. We didn’t have any information that indicated that Blake may have been in the pond, but as a precautionary measure, we wanted to be able to ensure the family, as well as ourselves, that hopefully he was not in the pond,” Chief Terry Brannon, of the Cushing Police Department, said.Officers said the boy’s body was spotted as the pond was being drained, dashing their hopes of finding the 4-year-old alive.”For me to see this is extremely hard. I have a professional face on now, but I can tell you I took a moment to step away a while ago and pray for that family, pray for the staff that were here and ask that God protect their hearts and minds as they continue to deal with this,” Brannon said.The boy’s death is believed to be an accident, but investigators will still talk to the boy’s family because they said they aren’t sure if anyone was home when Murrell wandered away.

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