Christopher Morrison, JR – May, 2013


Christopher John Morrison Jr. (aka JR), was born March 12, 2008, and died June 1, 2013. A Celebration of Life for JR will be from 2 to 10 p.m. Friday, June 7, at Morgan Creek Park Pavilion, 7515 Worcester Rd., Palo.

JR is survived by his parents, Chris Morrison, 29, and Samantha Faulk, 29; sisters, Anna-Star Morrison, 4, and Alyssa Morrison, 23 months; brother, Cooper Morrison, 7 months; sister, Jerzie Ladwig, 11; grandma, Tami Ladwig, 48; grandpa, Brian Ladwig, 43; aunt, Jazmine Ladwig, 19; grandpa, Don Morrison, 60; uncle, Donnie Morrison, 23, and aunt, Michelle Phelps, all of Cedar Rapids.

He was preceded in death by his great-grandparents, Alvy and Anna Wolfe; great-uncle, Jim Wolfe; and grandparents, Bob and Pam Raue.

JR was the best son that anyone could have ever had. He was always a giant ball of energy who was loved by everyone, hated by no one and who terrorized everyone. A person couldn’t stay mad at him because that smile and grin got you every time. JR lived life to the fullest and didn’t look back.

He loved his bear (Stinky), blanket and the Hulk. He always had two of the three with him every day no matter what. School didn’t even stop him from having them with him. Every day JR looked forward to that big yellow bus and even when there wasn’t any school, he still got up early. It was a huge moment in his parents’ lives putting JR on the bus and watching their big boy go to school. They were the proudest parents on earth.

The way he expressed himself was so unique and cute. It was rarely through words, but always through actions and one knew it came straight from his heart. That’s what made it so special, it was always real. That was our little man.

The day that he was taken from us was the worst pain that we have ever felt. The looks on his sisters’ faces, the tears in his mother’s eyes and our hearts felt like they had been ripped out. We know now that he is with Grandma and the rest of our families waiting for us. We will all be together some day. Remember, Mom, Dad, Star, Alyssa and Cooper love you, Buddy. You will always be our little man.

Memorial donations may be sent to Papich-Kuba Funeral Service, 1228 Second St. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 to help with Christopher’s funeral expenses.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Police have identified the 5-year-old boy who drowned in Indian Creek on Friday.

Police said on May 31, Christopher Morrison, Jr. got out of a locked door and went down to the creek, where he loved to play. Christopher slipped on the muddy banks and fell into the water, police said.

Numerous people searched the area and found Christopher’s body in the creek. CPR was conducted at the scene, but to no avail, police said.

Christopher had played at the creek before, but always under supervision, police said. His parents are now encouraging others to speak to their children about water safety.

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