John Burton, Jr – June, 2011

Indiana: 7 year old autistic boy found dead

June 13th, 2011 by | Permalink

Autistic boy who went missing was found after police believe he drowned in creek near his Indiana house. Photo via Aurora, Indiana Police.

Young John Burton Jr., 7, had just moved into a new house in SE Indiana on Saturday and set out to play in his yard on Sunday morning. The boy was playing with his dog but disappeared from his home sometime in the late morning. The dog was missing as well but wound up returning to the home later that afternoon, wet and without John Burton Jr.. The boy’s mother said he was unfamiliar with his environment and surroundings since they had only moved into the home the day before.

Search teams began searching for the boy around noon and continued until their search efforts were hampered by nightfall. Police and rescue teams resumed their search Monday morning at around 9am, which resulted in tragedy as the boy’s body was found in a creek nearby. His parents said the boy had autism and would often hide from people out of fear, especially strangers, when he heard his name called. The boy is survived by a brother and sister whom the parents are struggling with a way to explain their brother’s death. According to a spokesperson for the family said that something like this can happen in the blink of an eye, suggesting that he was only unsupervised for a short time. He urged families to keep a close watch on their children as tragedy can strike anyone. The family has expressed their gratitude towards the community of volunteers who came together to search for the boy, most of whom were strangers to the family.

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