Taariq Cross – July 2012


Latasha Kendrick should face criminal charges for neglect leading to the death of her 7 year old autistic son, Taariq Cross. And the father of the other two children that were taken from the home, need to be given to the Father Tim Cross.

There were many times that this woman has been investigated by DCF for neglect, the children had been removed from the home on many different occasions because of neglect, she’s been charged with felony child neglect, battery and other charges.

According to www.baynews9.com reports: “Kendrick been arrested several times across the state of Florida on charges ranging from driving with a suspended license to battery to felony charges of child neglect. In Hillsborough County, Kendrick was charged with felony third degree child neglect in 2005 and 2007.”

Orlando Sentinel reported:

“DCF was called in May after Taariq ran out of his family’s apartment while he wasn’t being supervised, authorities said. Afterward, DCF helped

install locks on the doors and put Kendrick in tough with day-care services.

Less than a week ago, a DCF investigator was sent to the apartment again. Hoeppner said the investigator found that some of the locks that had been installed only two months ago had been removed. The investigator did a thorough check of the home and made plans to have social workers schedule visits several times a week.”

Even after all these charges, somehow, Kendrick managed to get her children back in her house, and, sadly, the last time she got them back led to the death of her 7yr old Autistic son, who, at 10pm on Wed, July 11, 2012, ran naked from his apartment and into oncoming traffic, where he was hit by a car, then ran over by a suspected two other vehicles. She has now had the other two children removed from her home in an emergency custody hearing, but there are no charges as of this point against her. This needs to change!

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