Educational Portfolio

I created this Educational Portfolio to mark where I started in my learning process and where I ended up.  I think this is a wonderful way to watch how the learning process evolves, to see how each new tidbit learned can change how we perceive, interact with and implement new skills into the methods of teaching that we have already learned.

The technology world is constantly evolving and we would be fools not to embrace or at least learn each new piece of that world.  I recently read one of Orson Scott Card’s novels.  If any of you are sci-fi fans, you’ll know who this is.  In that novel (and I’m paraphrasing) one of his characters remarks on how most of the technological marvels that have been made have happened in this last fifty years.  That’s out of thousands of years of human “civilization”.  What is normal to us today would have been considered impossible or magic even a hundred years back in our history, and yet we accept it like it is such a normal, unremarkable thing.

Look at where we are today.  We can talk to any person, any time, any where in the world.  We can take instant pictures of anything and send them to anyone, anywhere.  We have lights at the touch of a fingertip.  Heck, we can even turn the lights on from our phones now.  Just imagine where we will be in another fifty or a hundred years.  Someday, our children will look back and snicker at our outdated technology.  I hope I can snicker with them!  🙂


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