Project 4

Mission to Mars Glog

Mission to Mars Rubic


I have to say that the Glog turned out to be my favorite assignment of the semester.  I absolutely become obsessed when creating webpages, games or projects and the glogster site provided me with so many interactive, fun tools to play with.  I started designing my glog about five hours before I submitted it and even once I turned in my project, I found myself going back again and again to add little things, tweak this, move that.

What I love is the finished product.  A glog is a great way to compile all the information for a project in one place.  You can add video, snippets of information, graphics, photos, links, music, and fabulous colors.  What you end up with is a visually appealing learning palette that would appeal to any student.

In the future, I could definitely see myself using this site.  It is just a great way to put everything in one place.  Some of the kids that I want to work with would have trouble navigating to different sites, so this is a tool that I could see being very useful for students that have difficulty surfing the web.

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