Project 6

Instructional technology wordle

Instructional Technology~What it means to me…

  • Perceive~I want to change how my students perceive the world. Letting them explore the world with technology opens up so many different avenues for them, giving them access to new and exciting things in a way that is interactive and fun.
  • Believe~I believe that technology will open the world up to students with disabilities. I believe that technology will change their lives, give them freedom and show them how to live full, happy lives.
  • Transcend~I know that students can use technology to transcend the limits many people place on them.
  • Interact~ I believe that students and teachers both can use technology to change how we interact with the world and learning.
  • Hope~ The advances in technology offer hope to so many people who might otherwise be locked away in their own minds and never experience all the things the world has to offer.
  • Change~The way we teach and the way our children are learning is changing because of technology.
  • Future~The possibilities the future of technology hint at are incredible, amazing and so fascinating.
  • Engage~ We can use technology to engage our students, keep them interested and keep them leaping into the future.
  • Thought~ Technology inspires thought, creativity and imagination.
  • Hope~ Technology gives hope to many without a voice, many who struggle learning and many who would never experience the world any other way.
  • Opportunities~ The opportunities for teaching and learning are practically limitless.
  • Fun~ When something is fun, we play with it, explore it, learn from it, want to do it again and again.
  • Need~ We need every single tool available to us to give every child, no matter how they learn, an opportunity to be the best they can be.
  • Inspiration~ There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a child who has never spoken a word, who seems not to even be aware there is a world beyond his own mind, and yet the second you put an interactive piece of technology in front of them they lock onto it and interact with it. It is humbling.
  • Open~ Technology has opened doors that have been closed for many.


The most incredible aspect of this class has been the accessibility and wide range of tools that are out there waiting to be used.  Technology is advancing so quickly, it is easy to get lost or left behind.  The thing that I’ve learned about  technology over the past twenty years is that if you can imagine it, someone is going to create it, and in the past few years the creation process has been in overdrive.  I love this class because it made me more aware of the way that I can use that technology to educate the children I work with.  I love the tools that not only open the doors to my imagination, but allow me to open those same doors for children that might not know how.

I also wanted to say that WordPress has been a tremendous way to store, display and share all the fabulous information I have learned over the past eight weeks.  I am sure it is apparent that I’ve already taken over my page and begun to add to it.  That’s because it is just so much fun.

Thanks for the great semester,

Sheila Medlam

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