My Philosophy

Instructional TechnologyTo the whole world,

This class has opened so many doors for me, given me a different perspective and introduced a whole new world to me as a future educator.  I’ve always known, in an abstract way, that technology would be a part of how I learned and how I taught.  I’d watched my own children sit down in front of computers and do things that left me flabbergasted from the time they were toddlers, so it was natural to assume that something that seems to be so interactive, fun, educational and natural would be a part of my future as an educator; however, I’d always just assumed that the more interesting, seemingly complex games and lessons were beyond my skill to create.  I just assumed I would always find these games and lessons on some site, even if they weren’t quite what I was looking for, and then adapt my own lesson to fit what I’d found.

Instructional Technology ED222 has literally opened my eyes to the creative technology that is available for use.  I know I have only learned about a fraction of what is available, but this class has shown me that if I can imagine it, I can create it…. and I can even create things I haven’t even imagined yet.  The tools are easy to use, available to everyone and they allow you to make lessons that go beyond dry, dusty school books, expand the imagination and turn learning into an interactive, fun experience.

Everyone learns better when they are enjoying the effort of learning.  When it is fun, when it pulls you in, when it expands how you see a particular thing, that is when it stays with you forever.  That is what this class has given to me and what I hope to pass on to any children I have the privilege to teach.

Sheila Medlam

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