Personality, Learning Styles, and Teaching

After taking the three online tests listed above, I learned quite a bit about myself.  Some of it I agreed with (even when I didn’t particularly want to, and other parts I thought were vague or didn’t truly apply to myself, but I thought I would share my perspective on what they said.

I am absolutely devoted to the children that I chose to teach. They are my responsibility and I have an obligation not only to provide them with a quality education but to ensure that each reaches his or her maximum potential. I am a firm believer in the practice of hearing, speaking and writing to learn just about everything, but I also realize that everyone learns differently. Some children need visual aides more so than others, others learn better with verbal or audible cues. I don’t really agree with the learning style strengths. I think I am much more visual than dependent on only written directions, and I personally believe that a combination of visual and written directions help clarify instructions and new things to students. I am also very, very patient and have the ability to change how I am instructing a student if my approach is not working. I believe this flexibility comes from my preference of working with non-verbal autistic children. I love the challenge of taking the children no one sees potential in and finding ways to give them access to the world, communication and opportunities. I don’t think that there is a single child on the planet that can’t be given the simple keys needed to interact with the world, starting with a way to communicate needs, wants, fears and desires.

My strengths are that I am dogged, determined and willing to try just about anything. I am fiercely protective and loyal. I research my own viewpoints and others that are presented to me. I look at the current practices and curriculum and am not satisfied to just stop because someone else is content with a mediocre success rate. I am also willing to change my own viewpoints or stance on a particular point if I am given proof that I am incorrect or that there is a better way.

My weakness is that I have little patience or tolerance for anyone that accepts the least amount possible. In this, I mean that I can’t tolerate anyone who just accepts that a student CAN NOT do something. My opinion is that if the can’t yet, let’s find a way to make it so they can. I am obsessively optimistic and see absolutely nothing wrong with constantly working to prove everyone wrong when it comes to what a student can’t do.

I think everyone should explore these little quizzes.  They make you think about how you perceive the world, which is never a bad thing 😉

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