Technological Resources

I’m going to add all the fun resources we are using for this course to this page! Woo-hoo!  I learn something and then get to share it with whoever decides to visit my page!  How fun is that!



JING~This is an excellent tool for all of you teachers.  You can use this tool to capture a screen shot or image and share it with your students or in a lesson plan.


SKYPE ~ Use skype to make free calls via the internet, connect with people from all over the world or simply to connect with your students.


DIIGO ~ Collect, highlight and remember… this is a great tool to store webpages, add sticky notes, keep track of ideas and new concepts.


RUBISTAR ~ An excellent tool to make all those rubics you need for your lesson plans.  Easy to use and completely adaptable to your needs.


JOG THE WEB ~ This is a fun, interactive tool you can use to create an entire lesson complete with highlighted web pages, movies, articles… you name it, you can add it.  Absolutely one of my favorite tools I learned about.


WEBNOTES ~  Another great highlighting tool.


QUIZLET ~ A great, fun tool to turn boring lessons into fun games like hangman or flashcards.  Very neat tool.


JIGSAW PLANET ~ Turn any picture into a puzzle.  You can make it as easy or as hard as you want it to be.  Another one of my favorites!


GLOGSTER ~ Make an interactive, fun, beautiful lesson full of facts, articles, videos, images, music…. you name it and you can add it Plus you have access to all the Glogs others have created.  My number one favorite tool.

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