Why I’m here…


Hello world,

My name is Sheila Medlam and I am working to become a structured learning educator.  This road has been long and hard for me and stems from the death of my five-year-old autistic son a little over two years ago.

Before my son, Mason, died, I worked as an estimator and spent every day looking at blueprints and sitting in front of a computer.  Then the day came when my beautiful child wandered from our home while I was at work.  He was missing for seventeen minutes, and by the time I had raced home, he had drowned in a neighbor’s pond.  While that was tragic enough, what struck me as even more horrific were two things.  The first was that I’d never known that wandering was a symptom of autism, and the second was that my son drowned while surrounded by police, fire and EMS less than fifty feet from him.

That set me on the path of learning what autism was and educating as many other people as I possibly could.  It also filled me with a burning desire to help as many non-verbal, severely autistic children as I could… and now I am here.

This class fills me with excitement.   Not only will this Instructional Technology course give me insight into ways I can teach my students better, but it will also give me a better understanding of the technology that is available for THEIR use as well.  I think in the future, we will see more and more people who are disabled utilizing technology to fill many of their needs.  It will be their window into the world, their way of communicating and their way of interacting with the world.

I love this class already and hope that I do it justice.

~Sheila R Medlam


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I am utilizing wordpress to help me organize my thoughts, tools and lesson plans.  This will help me gauge how far I’ve come, and how far I have to go.

Also, I love the idea of having a blog that I can be passionate about.  In this digital age, it is easy to become confused and unorganized.  We all have a multitude of passions and hobbies.  WordPress allows you to focus on those, create compartments (aka pages) for all those little niches that grab your attention.  I look forward to using this great tool!


1 thought on “Why I’m here…”

  1. wow i feel for your loss. like you i never knew wandering was a symptom either. im lucky so far i havent had this happen but i knew the stats are high on probability. im always trying to learn more autism to help my daughter. I applaud for being inspired by your son.

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